The Ebook

Would you like to eat healthier for less? Would you like to enjoy flavorful, freshly picked vegetables? Would you like the field to table experience in your own home?

Now you can with my new ebook Joyful Foraging: Learn How To Feast On The Food Growing All Around You to guide you.

In my new ebook, I'll show you how to find, identify, use and enjoy ten wild edible plants growing in abundance in urban, suburban and rural settings. These plants are nutritious, tasty and, best of all, free.

It’s fun to do, great for your health and that of our planet and a way to save serious money on your annual food budget. You don’t have to be a hardcore health nut or outdoorsy type to do it.

With Joyful Foraging,I'm making good on my mission is to raise awareness and knowledge of the healthy and delicious food that is quite literally all around us and available for free.

By sharing my knowledge of foraging and easy ways for you to connect to this wonderful activity and all it has to offer, the joy of foraging can be a part of your everyday life.