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                       The FourSigmatic homepage

I love eating mushrooms, learning about mushrooms and talking about mushrooms. I was shocked when the secretary of the New York Mycological Society forwarded an email from someone looking to get in touch with me.

I will forever be grateful to Laura who told me about FourSigmatic, a company based in Finland, and put me in touch with them.

FourSigmatic blends medicinal mushrooms with coffee, cocoa or as an elixir, which is a lot more fun than taking a capsule if your goal is to embrace the health benefits of mushrooms.

Soon after I met entrepreneur/founder Tero Isokauppila, I became Mushroom Mom, sharing what I know about foraging with their dedicated customers.

Here's a link to my recent FB chat with FourSigmatic Shroom Club members:

Here's a link the FourSigmatic products: