maple syrup


Maple Syrup Snow Cones: A Sweet Winter Treat

I grew up eating snow.

Fresh, new fallen snow can easily be collected in a plastic cup. Simply put an ice cube in the bottom of the cup, so the cup stays upright. Place the cup where snow will fall, but where the cup will not be kicked or blown down. At 1" to 2" per hour, you should be able to eat as many snow cones as you want!

My favorite topping is maple syrup, because I get it fresh from a local source. But it's winter and the weather can be daunting and it's a great time to enjoy any flavor you like. I might try this with mushroom-infused vodka.

This year, I'm going to make snowballs and freeze them until July.

During the Storm, 20 Minutes Before:
Put one ice cube into each plastic 8 oz cup and set out while snow is falling
When cups are full, bring indoors
After the Storm  1-2 Minutes Before:
Scoop fresh snow into cups
Bring indoors 

Pour 1-2 Tablespoons maple syrup on snow
Add syrup as needed                                      

Shopping List:
Maple syrup or any syrup flavor, such as blueberry or strawberry
Plastic cold cups
Ice cube tray
Plastic cups
Teaspoons make eating snow cones less messy